How Does Marriage and Couples Counseling Work?

I have been married to the same man since I was twenty-one years old, and certainly understand the ups, downs, and challenges of marriage. It is my mission to help couples not only stay together but also make their bond happier, healthier, and stronger. I think it is important to put the fun back into the relationship.  is about positively making one change at a time to transform the relationship.

Therapy is a process of learning and changing. In therapy, I teach people new perspectives, approaches, and skills.  New ways of thinking.  New skills in communicating.  New ways to look at situations.  New ways to solve problems. Each individual may also have things that they are working on to improve themselves in the relationship. Being successful in therapy means applying what you learn and (positively and progressively) making changes that will transform your relationship.

If possible, I prefer that both people come to all the counseling sessions, so we can work on the issues together.  This is ideal, but it does not work for every couple.  I will see members of the couple individually when necessary.

What if my husband, wife, partner, or significant other refuses to come to counseling?  

Individuals do come to counseling alone to work on their relationship.  Can one person in counseling change their relationship?  The answer is yes, sometimes.  Many couples' issues are negative patterns of perceiving, communicating, and reacting (over and over again). Always getting bad results--anger, frustration, and hurt feelings. Even when one person changes their perceptions, reactions, and approaches in the couple's interactions, the other person can make positive changes in response. Negative patterns that took two people, can often be changed by one person deciding to change first. One person's improvements can change the entire dynamic of the relationship.

If there is infidelity, can my marriage or relationship be saved with therapy?

Definitely, sometimes. I have seen therapy "save" many marriages and relationships. Infidelity is not the cause of the "end" if both people are committed to resolving the issues and improving the marriage or relationship. If there are underlying issues that led to the infidelity, resolving the issues can make the bond stronger than it ever was. People, relationships, and marriages can recover from infidelity.

Will my health insurance cover marriage or relationship counseling?

I accept insurance from the largest insurance providers. However, insurance companies (as a rule) will only reimburse for "issues" on their approved list, that carry a mental health diagnosis. Relationship issues are not considered a mental health problem by most insurance companies. There may be a rare exception. You may have to review your policy or call the insurance company and ask them to look at your policy. Relationship issues are usually listed in the exclusion section on nearly all policies. Most couples have to pay for their sessions. 

Some people have an Employee Assistance Program at their place of employment. The Employee Assistance Program will give an employee a limited number of approved reimbursed sessions. These programs are a benefit to the employee, to help with any issues they are having. Please check with your employee benefits person.

How often do we have to come for sessions?

I recommend that couples come for weekly sessions in the beginning if it is at all possible. We need to be able to start making positive changes, as quickly as we can.  Once a couple is well on their way toward the relationship that they desire, sessions can be paired down to every other week. From the point that the couple is solid on implementing all that they have learned, some choose to come once a month for a bit and others choose to return for "tune-ups" if needed.

How long will we have to come for sessions?

No therapist can say for certain, exactly how long a couple will need to come to counseling. What is certain is that every couple is different-- with their own issues and their own ways to learn and implement new relationship skills. One couple may resolve their issues in five sessions, and another may take twelve or more.


Counseling at Better Day Counseling is private and confidential.  No receptionists, answering service, or lobby filled with other people.  You receive confidential and individual attention from me, Cricket Evans, your therapist.

Why suffer any longer?  Don't give up.  Couples and marriage counseling is a valuable investment in your relationship, your happiness, and your future.  Get the help you need now.  Call today and ask for your free 15-minute consultation or to schedule your appointment.  Let's start working toward making your relationship better than ever!

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