Teenagers have the same problems that younger children have (here is the list), with some added issues that can be very damaging or even deadly.  These issues include drugs, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, gender identity or preference issues, risk-taking behavior, law-breaking, eating disorders, cutting (self-mutilation), the onset of chronic mental illness, and suicide.  

It is very frustrating and upsetting when your teenager is having behavior or emotional problems.  You may feel that you are not a good parent.  You may feel overwhelmed, isolated, and alone.  The things you have tried have not been working. And you have probably tried a bunch of things.  Don't give up.  Help is closer than you think.

There are many reasons why teens get "off track."  There are so many bad influences in our culture that negatively impact teenagers.  There is not much support in the community to help parents raise responsible, healthy teens.  There is no instruction manual.

To start counseling, parents usually come to the first session alone to complete the intake process.  The intake process includes signing consents, releases, insurance paperwork, and completing a history of your teenager and his/her emotional or behavioral issues.  A plan of treatment is discussed.  


In the second session and beyond, the teenager comes in for counseling.  Counseling can consist of talk therapy (most often cognitive-behavioral therapy), teaching, and training.  Parents can have part of the session if they wish.  In some cases, family sessions may also be needed.

Most teenagers are in treatment for a limited period of time.  Depending on the issues, this could be a few weeks or a few months.  Some teens have more complex issues that require a longer period of therapy.  

Teen years can be difficult and dangerous.  Teenagers can make poor choices that can permanently impact their lives, or even end their lives.  I am here to help.  Why wait any longer?  Call today to set an appointment, so your teenager can begin to get the help he or she needs.


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