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Services provided at A Better Day include:

Marriage and Couples counseling for any couple and even individual who is struggling in their relationship.  To learn more...

​Counseling for adults who are seeking help to make positive changes in their lives.  To learn more....

Counseling for teenagers.  To learn more...

Counseling for children.  To learn more...

Family counseling.  To learn more...

Life coaching.  To learn more...

Relationship coaching.  To learn more...

​Yes, I understand it is scary to come to someone you do not know well to discuss your personal problems, worries, and fears.  You may be a little tense for our first session.  This is normal.  But, I want to tell you that nearly everyone says that even at the end of their first session, they were glad that they took the first step toward improving their lives.

Some people have interesting ideas about what to expect when they come to counseling, so I guess we should clarify a few things.  There is no couch at Better Day Counseling.  I am not going to "analyze", judge, or label you.  I am not going to spend endless sessions sitting and listening to every detail of your upbringing- nodding my head and saying, "Yes, I see, and how did that make you feel?"  Although we will review your past, most of the time we will focus on how to make positive changes to improve your life now.  

What does happen during counseling?  You sit and talk with me about your struggles and concerns. You will be respected as the unique individual that you are.  You will learn new ways of thinking, new perspectives, and new approaches.  I will give you clear suggestions on ways you can change your thinking and behavior.  If you follow the positive suggestions that are offered, you can make immediate positive changes in your life.  I am concerned for your welfare, but I cannot and will not  "make" you do anything. 

Helping Adults, Children and Teenagers With Issues That Include:


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Relationship Issues

Grief and Loss

Anger Problems

Behavior Problems


Post-Traumatic Stress

Mood Swings

Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (adult, adolescent, or child)

Emotional Problems

Other Mental Health Problems

Career, Job or School Difficulties

Self-Esteem Issues

Poor Coping Skills

Substance Abuse

Domestic Violence


Step-Family Issues

Parenting Issues

Other Family Concerns

And More.....

Working with you to make today and every day "a better day!"