Many families struggle with difficult issues. that include the loss of a loved one; divorce; blended and step-family issues; financial difficulties; moving; job loss; moving; alcohol or drug problems; emotional and behavioral problems, and more.

I offer family counseling for 2 to 5 members of a family.  Age is not an issue.  I have had family counseling sessions where all the members were adults.

For insurance to cover counseling, one of the family members has to be dealing with a mental health issue that the family is trying to work through.  A therapy case is opened on the family member with the problem.  Other family members come to therapy sessions to assist the person with the issue.

When the family problem is basically a relationship issue, insurance will probably not cover the cost of the sessions.  However, counseling is an investment in your and your family's future happiness.  Jobs may not last.  Sometimes careers don't last.  Material things come and go.  There is nothing more important in this world than loved ones and family.  Nothing is more important than YOUR family!


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